Saco River Conditions

Know Before You Go!

REPORT DATE – September 16, 2019

The heat is on! August has arrived and so haven’t the summer temps we love! Book your trip online today and hit the Saco for some sweet summertime memories!   We will  be opening for tubing through September 22

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Current Water Level

220 cfs / normal 220 cfs

Water Temperature

59 degrees

Current Water Conditions

Saco is presently low and slow. We recommend the 1.5 mile float. 

Saco is too low for the Redstone Rapids. 

Covered Bridge float last 750 feet is rocky. 

 Today’s Float Time

1-Mile Float-     2 plus hours
3-Mile Redstone-  not offering
3-Mile Covered Bridge- n/a
Full-Day Float-  n/a

River Tubing Water Guide

Cubic feet per second (cfs)

100 – 400 cfs: Very slow moving water (no rapids) 1.5 mile trip. Alternative 3 Mile Float with no Rapids

400 – 1000 cfs: Gentle current perfect conditions for Redstone Rapids (3 mile trip)

1000 – 1200 cfs: Quicker water. Ages 12 and up for Redstone Rapids (3 mile trip)

1200 – 1600 cfs: Adults only

PLEASE NOTE: This is only a general guide. Water levels change on a daily basis.