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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions We Hear the Most

Please remember that the Saco River is a natural river, it is not an amusement ride. 

Q: Can I bring my own equipment and just use your shuttle bus service?

A: Sorry, due to our change in insurance policies, customers may no longer bring their own equipment and use our shuttle services. Furthermore, we do not offer parking for private recreationalists. You must rent equipment from Saco River Tubing Center to use any of our services and property. Thank you for understanding

Q: What are the age limits and restrictions?

A: Three years old is the absolute minimum age to participate. All persons ages 12 and under must wear a life jacket to participate. We recommend everyone to wear a life jacket especially if they can not not swim.  Furthermore, minors (those under 18) must have a responsible and legal adult guardian accompanying them. On certain days when the water levels are higher than normal, we may change the age and experience requirements until water levels resume to their normal levels. Novice swimmers and inexperienced swimmers MUST wear a life jacket to participate.

1.5-Mile Float: Ages 3 and up. Best float for Seniors and Small Children. 
3-Mile (Redstone Rapids): Ages 8 and up. All individuals should be good swimmers. This section of river has 4 sets of small rapids. River exit can be more difficult especially for non swimmers and seniors. 
3-Mile (Covered Bridge): Ages 5 and up. 
5-Mile Full-Day Float: Ages 5 and up. Not recommended for seniors. 

Q: How Cold is the Saco River

A: May water temperature ranges from 50 to 55 degrees
June water temperature ranges from 55 to 65 degrees
July & August water temperatures ranges from 63 to 70 degrees

Q: What’s the average depth of the river?

A: The river averages at 2-4 feet deep for most of the trip. However, some spots can exceed 6 feet deep. On average water level days, you can literally walk most of the trip in waist deep waters. Non swimmers should wear a life vest at all times.

Q: Do you have tubes for young kids and what are they like?

A: All kids tubes have a solid bottom and tether.

Q: Is tubing safe during pregnancy 

A: We only recommend the 1.5 mile float for individuals who are in the first trimester. 

Q: What is the maximum weight on a tube

A: 325 lbs 

Q: Can we tether or tie tubes togther?

A: You can only tether a maximum of 2 tubes together. If more tubes are tethered together you could get stuck on any debris in river. It also slows your trip down. 

Q: Are coolers Allowed

A: Coolers are allowed on the river but NO GLASS BOTTLES!

Q: Do I have to wear water shoes?

A: Yes, shoes are mandatory.  Shoes that are most acceptable are any water shoe with a heel strap, Croc-style shoes or old sneakers. If you don’t have proper water shoes, we sell proper river footwear at on on-site River Store. The river bed is sandy rocky bottom that can be sharp or jagged. Water shoes will save your feet and make your trip more enjoyable.

If you do not have water shoes we can provide them for $10

Q: Can we rent tubes and take them with us?

Yes you can or you can purchase them from our retail store. 


Q: Do you have lifeguards?

A: No, this is an unguided river trip and you are choosing to participate at your own risk. Natural obstacles exist including rocks and fallen trees. 


Q: Are there bathrooms along the way?

A: There are no bathrooms along the river. Bathrooms are located at office. 


Q: What can we do with our trash?

Please bring along a bag and keep all trash with you at all times. We provide dumpsters at all take outs. 


Q: How do we know where to get out?

A: The driver will show and/or explain the take-out to you on the way to the put-in. If you have any questions at all about where you are getting out, be sure to ask your driver. It is your responsibility to understand where you are getting out.


Q: What is your cancellation policy

We have a 48-hour cancellation policy for all trips. If canceled within 48 hours we will hold your deposit for a future visit. Groups who do not cancel tubes prior to arrival will lose deposit on individuals who do not show. 


Q: Do we need to make advance reservations?

We highly recommend advance reservations. Saturdays in July and August typically sell out 4 to 6 weeks in advance. We sell out everyday the sun is out in July and August. 11am – 1pm are most popular start times. 

The River Report is updated daily on our website for current conditions. 


We reserve the right to cancel any trips due to high water or unsafe weather. We will attempt to contact guest prior to arrival but this is not always possible. If we cancel your reservation it is for Safety Reasons. 


saco river mapCheck out the latest conditions on the Saco River. Updated during operation periods.


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