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Saco River Conditions

Know Before You Go!

  REPORT DATE – May 24,2023

Spring Flow. Water is pretty cold.  

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Current Water Level

Current: 1008 cfs / normal – 1622 cfs  

Water Temperature

52 degrees Just like a cold bath

Current Water Conditions

Quicker spring water. 

 Today’s Float Time

1.-Mile Float-  1 hours
3-Mile Redstone-  
3-Mile Covered Bridge- 3 hours 
Full-Day Float- 

River Tubing Water Guide

Cubic feet per second (cfs)

100 – 400 cfs: Very slow moving water (no rapids) 1. mile trip is best float. Covered Bridge 3 Mile Float is rocky at the end. 

400 – 1000 cfs: Gentle current good conditions for Redstone Rapids (3 mile trip) Everyone should know how to swim.

1000 – 1200 cfs: Quicker water. Ages 12 and up for Redstone Rapids (3 mile trip)

1200 – 1600 cfs: Adults only

PLEASE NOTE: This is only a general guide. Water levels change on a daily basis.