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Camping & Lodging

Plenty of local campgrounds to choose from

The Beach Family Campground
Located a half mile from our location and we offer shuttle service from the Campground. Exclusive float for Beach Campground campers is a 4 mile 4-6 hour float back to your campsite. We will pick you up at your campsite and shuttle you up river where your float begins. When booking please let us know you are guest at the Beach Family Campground so we can arrange pick up.

Campground Reservations: (603) 447-2723

Eastern Slope Campground
Located adjacent to Saco River Tubing Center.

Campground Reservations: (603) 447 5092


White Ledge Campground 
7 miles from office

Campground Reservations: (603) 447 5448


Covered Bridge Campground
7 miles from office

Campground Reservations: (877) 444-6777  


Jigger Johnson Campground   
9 Miles from office


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